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“Seeds from The Wax Company is the Best on the Market…

Best Germination, Best Forage Production… Better than anything we have planted... and we have tried everything!”

“For me, the difference with seed from Wax® and other companies is simple… higher quality… Wax® only sells 1st quality, #1 seed... it’s the best seed that can be bought…and the results I see inour food plots are proof positive that seed from Wax® is the very BEST!!!”


“I have been planting and managing greenfields for over 30 years, currently planting over 600 acres. Wax is the highest quality, best seed on the market. Nothing
I have ever planted is as good as Wax. I will not plant Tecomate, Pennington, Biologic, Whitetail… they are all over-rated.



“I manage over 10,000 acres and plant over 500 acres in food plots. Wax game mixes provide earlier growth and so much quicker coverage of the plots than any other mixes. Wax has better forage availability all through the winter than anything I have ever planted.



“I killed a bird at age 5 with my first BB gun… in the 3rd grade Santa Claus gave me my first real gun, a Stevens .410 single shot… killed my first deer in the 5th grade with a Remington 1100… and now has been over 48 years since that first deer.



“Baseball’s my first love, but Deer Hunting’s a close second. When I don’t have a bat in my hands, it’s time to grab my rifle & head to my farms in Alabama & Mississippi. 


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“Wax Game Mixes... MUCH BETTER than Buck Busters.” “I am president of our Hunting Club, but also plant Food Plots on my place...



“Some of my best memories fromgrowing up are deer hunting with my Dad… I first sat in the deer stand with my Dad when I was 6. On those early mornings, more often than not, he had to wake me back up when we got to the farm.



“My wife, Zina, and I own P-Arrow Plantation near Livingston, Alabama... We offer deer, turkey, quail, dove and over 100 acres of largemouth bass and bream lakes for...


“Wax Game Mixes... MUCH
BETTER than Buck Busters.”

“I am president of our Hunting Club, but also plant Food Plots on my
place, and have tried and planted every kind of seed over the years…
For years I have planted Buck Busters, but last year I tried Wax®
Game Mixes on my place for the first time… Lundy Special, 6-Way,
Supreme Brand® Plus... and my Food Plots were Fantastic!!!
Wax® Game Mixes did much better than Buck Busters!!!
Wax® came up better, thicker, better quality plants…stand up better to
heavy grazing. Deer could not keep up with it!!!
There were more Deer, more good Bucks this year than ever in my
 I was getting so many pictures,150 shots day and night, that I
had to turn off my game cams!
Members of my club saw my plots, and said they will plant Wax®
Game Mixes this year, and I will order again this year and
plant Wax®!”

                                                                                                    Danny Oates