Wild Wax Games

Mitch Moreland


“Baseball’s my first love, but Deer Hunting’s a close second. When I don’t have a bat in my hands, it’s time to grab my rifle & head to my farms in Alabama & Mississippi.

Over the years I’ve tried all kinds of seed for my food plots…Pennington, Whitetail Institute, Evolved Harvest.... you name it, I’ve tried it. Last year I planted Wax Game Mixes…Wax is all I’ll ever plant from now on.

I’ve never seen any kind of mix Kickup like Wax…when the rain came, it jumped out of the ground. Wax gave me the most beautiful, lush food plots I’ve ever seen…the Deer just Crushed it! I’ve never seen anything like it!

I want the Best possible habitat on my farms to grow & hold mature Whitetails & Turkeys. It all starts with the food… year-in year-out I have that covered with Wax Game Mixes … 6-Way & Supreme Brand Plus® for my annual plots & Lundy® Special for a multiyear stand of the Best clover ever!

My time’s short during the planting season because I’m playing ball every day,
so I have to have seed from a company that I completely trust, and that’s why I plant only Wax seed on all of my food plots.

If you want the Best food plots possible like I do, plant Wax Game Mixes, you’ll be glad you did! Wax Game Mixes are the Best... Bar None!”