Wild Wax Games

Drayton Pruitt


“My wife, Zina, and I own P-Arrow Plantation near Livingston, Alabama... We offer deer, turkey, quail, dove and over 100 acres of largemouth bass and bream lakes for sportsmen seeking the ultimate hunting and fishing experiences.

It’s been 70 years since my first deer hunt when I was 10 years old...

When I started planting food plots back in the early 1980’s, wheat was about all we had, there were no mixes back then.

My nature has always been to experiment with mixes. I have tried most everything that has come along…Buck Busters, Pennington, Tecomate and others.

Wax Game Mixes are superior… even in the terrible drought from July to December last year... the first rain came the week of Thanksgiving and our plots jumped up fast, never had any mix jump out of the ground so fast!

Wax Game Mixes are superior... even under the worst circumstances imaginable!Wax Game Mixes draw all types of game, not just deer, unlike other mixes I have planted.

Deer put tremendous pressure on our plots this year. Wax stayed green and lush, very rich, pretty plots. Unquestionably, the best plots we have ever had!

70 years after my first deer hunt, I am even more passionate about hunting and managing wildlife…Wax Game Mixes are the best tool I have found to establish the best food plots I can count on!”