Wild Wax Games



“I manage over 10,000 acres and plant over 500 acres in food plots.

Wax game mixes provide earlier growth and so much quicker coverage of the plots than any other mixes. Wax has better forage availability all through the winter than anything I have ever planted.

Wax out-performed anything I have ever planted… even in late January, early February there was still forage… even under intense pressure from our very high deer population…Wax still
produced so much forage that the deer could not mow it down!

My goal is to establish a 3–5 year stand of pure clover…the Lundy® Special Deer Mix from Wax does that better than anything I have ever planted…and I have planted everything over the years…the cheap stuff, the expensive stuff advertised on TV…and seed from Wax is better quality than all of them…

I get a quicker stand and better forage production from Wax!”