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“I killed a bird at age 5 with my first BB gun… in the 3rd grade Santa Claus gave me my first real gun, a Stevens .410 single shot… killed my first deer in the 5th grade with a Remington 1100… and now has been over 48 years since that first deer.

I am responsible for managing our hunting club of over 8,000 acres and 175 acres of food plots. We have planted food plots for 35 years… and have tried just about every kind of seed and gimmick that came along… have never been afraid to try something new.

Several years ago after trying everything, seed from Wax became our #1 choice because of outstanding results… best germination of any seed we ever used… and forage production when we need it, the proof is in our seclusion cages… the growth in the cages was unbelievable!

Under less than favorable conditions this year, our food plots were the best ever!... the germination was amazing compared to any other seed we have planted. We planted all 5 mixes from Wax… all are perfect for different situations, annual plots or permanent plots depending on your goal. My favorites are the 6- Way Mix for an annual plot and the Lundy® Mix for establishing a multi-year clover stand... and nothing is better than Marshall ryegrass for an easy plot you can depend on.

For me, the difference with seed from Wax and other companies is simple… higher quality… Wax only sells 1st quality, #1 seed... it’s the best seed that can be bought…and the results I see in our  food plots are proof positive that seed from Wax is the very BEST!!!