Wild Wax Games



“Wax Game Mixes... MUCH BETTER than Buck Busters.”

“I am president of our Hunting Club, but also plant Food Plots on my place, and have tried and planted every kind of seed over the years…

For years I have planted Buck Busters, but last year I tried Wax® Game Mixes on my place for the first time… Lundy Special, 6-Way, Supreme Brand® Plus... and my Food Plots were Fantastic!!!

Wax® Game Mixes did much better than Buck Busters!!!

Wax® came up better, thicker, better quality plants…stand up better to heavy grazing. Deer could not keep up with it!!!

There were more Deer, more good Bucks this year than ever in my plots. I was getting so many pictures,150 shots day and night, that I had to turn off my game cams! Members of my club saw my plots, and said they will plant Wax® Game Mixes this year, and I will order again this year and plant Wax®!”