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supreme brand
supreme brand plus

Supreme Brand®

• Wheat • Oats • Marshall Ryegrass • Crimson Clover

The original. Over 50 million pounds planted!More than any other premium blend! Consistent, dependable, proven results! Contains Marshall ryegrass... proven “BEST CHOICE” for deer food plots by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife and chosen the #1 planting by Auburn University.

Supreme Brand® Plus

• Wheat • Oats • Marshall Ryegrass • Crimson Clover
• Austrian Winter Peas

Same as the original, PLUS Austrian Winter Peas for an additional legume preferred by deer.


• Wheat • Oats • Rye • Australian Winter Peas • Crimson Clover • Rape
A superior, premimum blend of small grains, Crimson Clover, Austrian Winter Peas, Rape.


• Wheat • Oats • Rye
A blend of small grains to attract wildlife.

Lundy® Special

• Wheat • Buck Forage Oats • Ladino Clover  • Crimson Clover
• Arrowleaf Clover • Trophy Rape

The ultimate blend to establish a 3 to 5 year clover stand. Formulated with Crimson Clover, Arrowleaf Clover and the newest, best producing varieties of Large-Leaf Ladino Clover, including Pinnacle Ladino. Wheat and Buck Forage Oats provide quick growth for early grazing allowing the clovers to become established. Includes Trophy Rape (brassica) as an additional attractant and forage.

Properly managed, after the first year, a multi-year stand of Ladino Clover should be established. Proper management must include clipping in May and early September to just knock off the tops and leave a minimum of 6 to 8 inches of growth, and fertilization with 200 lbs. per acre of 0-20-20 in September and early February for the Ladino Clover to persist for multiple years. Plant on well drained soil that holds moisture.

Lundy Special
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