Wild Wax Games

Eliza Lundy


“Some of my best memories from growing up are deer hunting with my Dad…

I first sat in the deer stand with my Dad when I was 6. On those early mornings, more often than not, he had to wake me back up when we got to the farm. I learned to drink coffee black on those cold mornings waiting for the deer to come out.

With a .410 loaded with buckshot, I killed my first deer at 8.

Though a “Daddy’s girl”, I was his “makeshift boy”, doing everything a boy would do…hunting, fishing, baiting the hook, blood & guts… even bloodied my face with my first kill! But, my nails had to be done and my makeup on just in case I killed a deer!

When we first started using Wax Game Mixes, I noticed our deer looked well-fed, better fed than before, bigger deer…and we did not have to wait until late afternoon for them to come out, the deer were feeding at 2 o’clock in the afternoon! Some days the deer would beat us out there, and we might spook them on the way to the stand.

Our plots are thicker, more lush and greener with Wax® Game Mixes…even with our high deer population and intense pressure, the deer cannot eat down our Wax plots!”